James T. Tanner Memorial Fellowship Past Recipients

YearRecipientAffiliationStudy Subject or PurposeAward
1998Fred Alsop UT-WFS ETSU-Biology Bird census of spruce/fir forest $10,000
T. Simons North Carolina State University– U.S.G.S. Cooperative Research Unit, Dept. of Zoology Assessing the relationship between acid precipitation calcium depletion, and avian productivity in the GSMNP $10,000
2003John Frampton, Steve McKeand and Fred Hain North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC Exploring hemlock resistance to HWA in GSMNP $10,000
2006Paul Ayers and Adam Fiscor Department of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science, UTKAbrams Creek underwater video mapping for federally-listed fish habitat $10,000
2008David Buchwalter and Yuji Arai Department of Environmental Molecular Toxicology NC State University and Department of Entomology, Soils and Plant Sciences, Clemson University Abrams Creek underwater video mapping for federally-listed fish habitat $10,000
2011T. B. Henry, Michelle Connolly, J. S. Schwartz, M. A. Kulp, S. E. Moore University of Tennessee & National Park Service Relating aluminum concentrations in GRSM streams with accumulation of aluminum in fish otoliths to enhance management of brook trout in streams impacted by acid deposition $10,000
2012C. Weathers, J. Stauffer, T. King, S. Moore, and M. KulpPenn State University, USGS, NPS Comparing Genetic Expressivity of Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) Progeny and Source Stream Stocks Transplanted into Leconte Creek and Mannis Branch, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee $10,000
2013 B. Smith and F. Hain N. C. State University Identification and screening of eastern hemlock survivors of hemlock woolly adelgid infestation as a genetic resource for reforestation $10,000
2014C. Reed Rossell, Jr., H. D. Clark, E. Schwartzman, J. W. Petranka, and S. C. Patch N. C. State University Investigating the status and condition of Rich Montane Seeps in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park $10,000
2016G. Carpenter, E. Willcox, R. Bernard, W. Stiver University of Tennessee and NPS Tri-colored Bat Cave Hibernacula and Roost Tree Management in Great Smoky Mountains National Park $10,000
2017J. J. Grainger et al. University of Tennessee University of Tennessee $5,000
2018C. A. Diggins Virginia Tech Surveying for the Federally Endangered Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel in Great Smoky Mountains National Park Using Ultrasonic Acoustics $10,000
2019M. Tate and E. Willcox University of Tennessee Continuing the investigation for fall swarming and spring staging of Indiana bat and tri-colored bat following the reopening of Bull Cave $10,000
2020J. Heath Appalachian Scientific Establishment of a common garden of resistant and susceptible clones of American beech (Fagus grandifolia) to beech bark disease with air-layering propagation $10,000
2021C. Widga ETSU-Biology Origins and Persistence of Grassy Balds in Great Smoky Mountains National Park $9,913
J. Elfin Discover Life in America Taking a “before snapshot” to assess the effect of the Abrams Creek Stream Restoration Project on riparian biodiversity in Cades Cove $10,000
2022B. FitzpatrickUTKShedding Light on Batesian Mimicry: Investigating Biofluorescence amongst variable Phenotypes of the Southern Appalachian Endemic Salamanders, Desmognathus imitator and Plethodon jordani$15,000
2024R. SmithUTKSpatial variation and genetic diversity in a multi-sourced brook trout restoration site in the Great Smoky Mountains$15,000
Total of awards since the inception for the James T. Tanner Memorial Fellowship  $184,913